YWAM Europe Gathering

REGISTRATION HAS NOW CLOSED. You are welcome to come to the gathering for 60 euros. Please be aware that you now have to find your own accommodation, food and transport. At this late stage we are unable to sort that out for you.


The YWAM Europe United gathering is a wonderful, once in every 5 years opportunity, where the whole of our YWAM family can get together to celebrate life and ministry together serving God in this amazing region.  Like the ancient Israelites used to do, it is good to gather like this once in a while to celebrate all that God is doing amongst us, to tell stories, to remind ourselves of our history, DNA and calling as a mission.  But it is also about worship, having fun and eating loads of good food together!  God is a God of celebration.

This gathering could be the best ever as we have rented lovely hotels on the beach in Durres, Albania, meeting in a large marquee on the beach itself.  Comfortable rooms, good coffee and a reasonable amount of sun…….Jesus at the centre of our celebrations together……why would you want to miss it?!

This gathering is for staff, families, kids, trainees, friends of YWAM, past YWAMers, even your pets if you can get the right visa!  It is a family gathering so start saving and make sure you don’t miss it!  Plus, there is option to pay extra and stay longer for a mini holiday in the hotel with your friends and family afterwards.

Carl Tinnion

Convenor for Western Europe On behalf of the European leadership team

Information you want to know. 

Dates: 8th – 12th April 2017. Please arrive on Saturday 8th April. Registration from 2pm. We will start with an evening meal followed by an opening celebration. You can leave anytime on Wednesday 12th, breakfast is included.  

Venue: Kompleksi Bonita, Rr. Kombëtare Dytesore  Durrës-Kavajë, Shkëmbi I Kavajës, Albania

Cost: Total for adults will be 140 Euros. This covers 4 nights of accommodation, food and conference fee. We are considering a tiered pricing structure for the different regions and DTS which will be lower than this price – contact us for more info. There is no price change if people have to shorten their stay. We are making this as cheap as possible. For some, the cost of the gathering and travel is beyond their means. We do not want this to prevent anyone from coming, please talk to us in advance. If you can afford a bit extra towards someone else, please include that in your payment – we are family after all. We will also take an offering. Pay with cash in Euros at registration. It may be possible to pay 80 euros of the conf fee directly to the hotel by card, so you will still need 60 euros cash to cover the rest. There is the option of staying on a few extra days if you would like to take a holiday or for outreach opportunities. If you are interested, please contact us. The hotel want us to handle any additional nights and make a group booking. It’s a special price of 20 euros per person per day/night for food and room.

Additional costs: transport by bus to and from the airport and any additional nights. 

Families: Kids 0-4 years old: free. Kids 5-9 years old: 40 euros. Teens 10-17 years old: 80 euros.

Getting there: There is only one airport in Albania: Tirana airport. If you fly to Tirana airport, please send us your flight details and we will arrange low cost transport by bus from the airport to the hotels for 5 euros each. You will pay directly so please have cash ready. You may have to wait until a group is together but hopefully that won’t be long and there will likely also be others waiting to chat to. The trip from airport to hotel is about 40 minutes. If you want to take a taxi at the airport, it costs around 25 euros.

You could check the flights of various airlines (Alitalia, Turkish airline, Austrian airline, Air Serbia) or you could use the other airports in neighbouring countries (Podgorica, Pristina, Ohrid) for cheaper deals and then find your own way to Durres. Each of these locations are around 3.5 hours travelling by bus. Alternatively, you could travel to Bari in Italy and take a ferry to Durres. It is a 7 hours trip and it has regular routes every day.  There is also the option of big groups travelling together to look into getting a charter, directly to Tirana airport – worth a try! 

Food All the meals are being provided by the hotels. It sounds like we are going to be looked after really well, with several courses or buffet style. If you have any dietary requirements, please include that in your registration. 

Extra things to bring We love to celebrate nations!! If you would like to, please bring a flag from your nation (where you are from and/or where you currently live) to put around the meeting tent. There will also be a marketplace space to put information about your location/ministry, feel welcome to bring leaflets and information for others to take. 

Extra information about the hotel

We have the amazing privilege of staying in a hotel on the beach in Durres. Here are some photos.